Saturday, July 25, 2009


I recently saw a documentary trailer about young farmers who are making a go of it, growing organic produce for people, planet and profit. Besides being a delightful way to start my weekend, it also brought to mind how, in a very real sense, we're all Greenhorns when it comes to sustainable business development. From clean tech to community supported agriculture, we're all looking for new and innovative ways to make money and make a difference.


rnbresearch said...

It is a big issue. We all should concentrate about it. If our farmers will do it then we can grow pure food product as well as it will be less harmful for our environment and this way also cheaper.

Duke Marsh said...

Along a similar vein, there was a very good program on NPR recently about organic farming.

Apparently the paperwork to be certified as an organic farm is so extensive that many small farmers are eschewing the organization in favor of just growing things.

Others are 'near' organic. They use the minimum of artificial things, and if possible none at all. They should have their own organization.

On another note, the stimulus package was supposed to stimulate oil alternatives. I haven't seen flocks of windmills or new nuclear plant construction sprouting up.

A pity since that would have helped the unemployment rates.

The Old Silly said...

Wow - great to see. I've always said when green can become profitable it will really take off.

Marvin D Wilson